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A painting is comprised of materials and intentions. Realization of those intentions can transform an otherwise ordinary painting into a transcendent experience.

Whereas I was Blind

Whereas I was Blind 30" x 24"

Eyes to See

Eyes to See 16" x 12"


Sarah 14" x 11"

Empty Cradle

Empty Cradle 24" x 24"

Time to Talk

Time to Talk 40" x 30"

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd 16" x 16"

Eyes of the Shepherd

Eyes of the Shepherd 24" x 24"

Overwhelmed by the Light

Overwhelmed by the Light
36" x 36"

Waters of Salvation

Waters of Salvation 12" x 16"

Facing Adversity

Facing Adversity 48" x 60"


Buckskin 22" x 28"

Her Father's Faith

Her Father's Faith 36" x 36"

Her Favorites

Her Favorites 30" x 30"

His Mother's Concern

His Mother's Concern 40" x 30"