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Only in watercolor are the personalities of the pigments revealed. Torgesen Murdock thrives on maintaining control and yet letting go. As the viewer looks at the work, they should note the many awards which have come to Torgesen in pursuit of the elusive and challenging nature of the medium.

The Flame

The Flame 22" x 28"


Buckskin 24" x 28"


Betrothal 28" x 22"

In Search of Memories

In Search of Memories 22" x 28"
IWS 2009 Juror's Choice

Idaho Blue

Idaho Blue 28" x 22"


Lunchtime 28" x 22"

The Fury

The Fury 28" x 22"

Old Glory

Old Glory 28" x 24"

Call to Dinner

Call to Dinner 30" x 24"

Strewn Jewels

Strewn Jewels 28" x 22"

Strewn Jewels 2

Strewn Jewels 2 28" x 22"
IWS 2010 Best of Show


Streaming 28" x 22"


IWS 2012 Juror's Choice