Torgesen MurdockDolomitesDolomitesDolomitesDolomites

"The Dolomites" - Grand Prize Winner, Landscape 2014, International Artist Magazine


Torgesen Murdock is a modern impressionistic painter, who uses her brushstrokes and excellent design to create figurative, landscape, and still life paintings that intrigue and reveal. She was educated at Utah State University where she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree Magna Cum Laude. She has studied with such notables as Alvin Gittins of the University of Utah, Joseph Mugnaini of Otis, and Harley Brown. She teaches many private workshops.

She has many credits on her list of artistic achievements. Her work was featured in International Artist magazine as one of the master painters of the United States and in the books,100 Ways to Paint Seascapes.Rivers and Lakes and Splash 7 and Splash 11. She has also been in the top 100 of the National Arts for the Parks competition several times.

In July of 2002, Torgesen spent a month in St. Petersburg, Russia, studying art at the Repin Academie under impressionist, Igor Vademovich Petrov. The Repin Academie is one of the most respected institutes of higher education in Russia. Petrov was complimentary toward her work. Commenting through an interpreter, he said he hoped she learned something from him during her study because he had learned so much from her. He also compared her drawings with music, saying her use of thick and thin line, and the movement and flow of design reminded him of a musical composition.

Torgesen maintains a studio in the mountains of Idaho where the moose wander across her lawn and eagles nest in her trees. Living in nature lends to her work an innovation that leaves the viewer room for personal interpretation, yet has some connection with reality to bring memories and emotions to the surface. Her spontaneous and energetic style, along with a strong color sense, has caused her collectors to comment that her art changes with the mood and feelings of the viewer and becomes more intriguing the longer they own each work.